Welding Apprenticeship Program (Year 1 only)

Keene Community Education is pleased to announce our Welding Apprenticeship Program.

We have area employers hungry for welders, and now we have a strong two-year curriculum for those seeking to enter the trade.  This is a registered apprenticeship program with the State of New Hampshire, and separate from our 30-hour welding enrichment class.  Our welding apprenticeship program is valuable to these area partners:

Filtrine Manufacturing, EVS Metal, and Granite State Trailers


  • Apprentices will earn a certificate from the NH Department of Education.

  • Welding apprentices take “related instruction” classes over the course of 2 academic years, totaling 300 hours (150 hours/year).

  • Apprentices may begin related instruction through Community Education without yet having secured a position with an area company as a welding apprentice.  However, it is recommended that students find such a position soon.  When students are entering Year 2,  they must be working as a welder. 

  • Apprentices are paid by employers.

  • Class limit is 8 and the first classes are held at Filtrine Manufacturing in Keene.  Later, some classes may be held at EVS Metal.

  • Welding curriculum includes safety, blueprint reading with welding symbols, Oxy-Fuel Cutting Welding, Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) in the first year.


The cost is $975.00, payable to “State of NH – Related Instruction Fund.”  This is for the full year and is inclusive of all textbooks.

Students who are employed as welding apprentices should check with their organizations regarding company policies for tuition payment/reimbursement.


Click here for the application

Welding On The Job (OTJ) form


Contact Linda Morehouse, Interim Director, at lmorehouse@sau29.org or (603) 357-0088 ext. 102