Driver’s Education



If you are currently enrolled in Session IV, you have received a call noting that  driver education classes are not being held at Keene High School through April 3rd, nor is behind-the-wheel instruction currently taking place.  We are waiting to hear from the State of NH if remote instruction will be allowed for the classroom portion of driver education and will communicate as we know more.
If you are signed up for Session V, it is possible that dates for that session will need change.  We will communicate as we know more.
Keene Community Education had previously planned to announce the dates for Summer Driver Education classes on May 1st, and to have applications available at that time.  Given these highly unusual circumstances we cannot be certain of dates/summer classes, but again will communicate when more is known. 

Age Requirement

  • Available to all students who are 16 and older (or as determined by Keene Community Education).

Program Cost

  • NH Students age 16 & 17: $750
  • Adults/Students (18 & over): $780
  • Out-of-state residents: $780

How to Enroll

  • Completed Application
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate or passport
  • Full Payment


Road Training Scheduling

  • Students will receive a copy of their driving schedule at the first class. These schedules will be based on information provided on the registration form and on their classroom time.
  • Road training will be scheduled during the day if students have campus, or afternoons, evenings or on non-school days if necessary.
  • If a student must miss his or her behind-the-wheel driving time, he/she must notify the instructor the night before or no later than 7:00 AM of the day in question.



TSR Driver Training

A contracted service through Keene Community Education, will provide:

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction
  • 10 hours of behind the wheel training
  • and the required 6 hours of in-car observation 


  • Provide 40 hours of behind-the-wheel time
    during the time your child is enrolled in Driver  Education (required by the State of New Hampshire). 

  • Attend the first hour of the first two-hour class
    . TSR needs you to work with us to help emphasize the skills and attitudes necessary to become a safe driver. 

Refund Policy

  • Refund if a request is made 24 hours before the first class (less a $25 cancellation fee). 
  • NO refunds will be issued after the first class session. 


  • In compliance with the State of NH requirements, no classroom instruction shall be missed during any course, except for good cause as determined by the instructor, including a death in the family, illness, or injury.
  • A note from parent explaining the absence is required. Absences due to good cause shall not exceed two classes (4 hours). After four hours, any additional absences will result in an “incomplete” and the student will not be able to continue in that section of driver education.
  • A $100.00 fee will be charged for registration in another session. The session attended must be within 6 months from the date of the last class attended. After six months the student will have to pay the full fee for the course.

  • There is no refund if a student receives an “incomplete” and chooses not to complete training through KCEd/TSR Driver Training.

Driver Education sessions last for approximately eight weeks, please make driver education a priority during this period of time!


  • Please contact Community Education (603-357-0088) if you have questions pertaining to the registration process or the availability of classes.
  • Contact TSR (603-209-9870) if you have questions about scheduling, the program, or laws pertaining to driver education.

Possible Surcharges

  • If your student does not appear for behind-the-wheel training on a schedule date AND does not notify the instructor, TSR reserves the right to charge $30.00 per instance.