Pathways to Graduation Under NH Law

New Law (effective July 1, 2009): High school students are required to stay enrolled in school until completion or Age 18. The new alternative pathways to graduation are described below.

Dual Enrollment Pathway: Students will be able to take some daytime classes at their local high school, and some evening classes through Adult Education, with the goal of earning a 20-credit alternative or adult diploma. This “straddling” of day and evening programs, with the goal of an adult diploma, had not been previously allowed. The 20 credit adult diploma excludes requirements for health, the arts, and physical education. In the Monadnock Region, the 20-credit alternative diploma offered through Keene Community Education requires the following credits:

  • 4 English Credits
  • 2 Math
  • 2 Science
  • 1 US History
  • .5 Civics
  • .5 Economics
  • 1 Social Studies
  • .5 Computer Literacy
  • 8.5 Electives

There is no cost for the individual 16 or 17 year old student as the sending district covers this as a part of a student’s free public education. At eighteen, the student may continue the dual enrollment pathway, but is responsible for the cost of classes taken in the evening in the adult program.

Scholarship help will continue to be available, but only for those 18 years and older.

Alternative Diploma Pathway: Students transfer from a traditional high school program and take only evening classes in the Alternative Diploma Program. Students no longer withdraw from a traditional program but transfer, again earning the 20-credit alternative diploma described in the paragraph above.

There is no cost for the individual 16 or 17 year old student, as the sending district will be responsible. Students 18 years old and above are responsible for the cost of classes, with scholarship help available through Community Education. (Please see “Scholarship Help”)

HiSET: Successful completion of the HiSET exam (formerly GED) leads to a HiSET certificate.

Click here to see HiSET Information.