Gas Service Technician Course

The Gas Service Technician program will follow a hybrid curriculum incorporating all of the required CETP curriculum, as designed by PERC, and delivered by a CETP-certified instructor. The curriculum will additionally include chapters on New Hampshire laws and rules regarding propane safety and a supplemental chapter on natural gas, for a total of 150 instructional hours.

At the end of the Gas Service Technician course students will have all of the related instruction in order to pass their related exams and show educational preparedness in the state requirements (see Saf-Mec 305.04 at the end of this document).

  • Gas Service Technician classes will begin on Thurs., Sept. 9th then every Monday/Thursday.
  • All classes meet at Keene High School from 6-8:30pm.

The course will be structured similarly to an apprenticeship program and will deliver all currently required related instruction that a candidate needs for eligibility to obtain a Gas Service Technician License in the State of NH, and Vermont, (the highest level of Gas licensing in the NH gas licensing standards).

This course does not have a hands-on component, however, and each candidate will need to fulfil their 2,000 hours of field training as required by the State of NH outside of the classroom and under the direct supervision of a licensed professional.

See course syllabus (PDF).