High School Equivalency Certificate (HiSET)

9/15/22 Update – The company that owns HiSet (ETS) is changing hands, and updates are being made in the portal during this change in ownership.  Keene Community Education will not be scheduling any HiSet testing until the changes are completed and testing centers have been updated and trained on any new protocols.  It is estimated that testing will resume in late October. Please feel free to contact us to be added to an email alert list when scheduling becomes available. 

Keene Community Education is an Official HiSET Testing Center

The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is one pathway to advance your career. The test demonstrates knowledge equivalent to a high school graduate. The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is administered across the state and is aligned with core standards.

HiSet Testimonial

"I came to Keene Community Education because I want to get my high school equivalency diploma. I am a wife and a mother and although life events interrupted my high school education, I never lost hope that one day I would get my diploma. At this time, I have passed three of the five subject area tests. I will be taking the rest of the tests soon. It has been hard work but I have kept coming to class - I will succeed!"

"Update: I earned my HiSET certificate in April 2019. Now I am making career plans for the future!"

Sarah Thompson - HiSet Student

How To Register for the HiSet Exam

  1. Obtain a copy of the Request to Waive the Age Requirement at this link.
  2. Take the Official Practice Test.
  3. Register on the HiSET eRegistration system at: https://hiset.ets.org
  4. Get permission from your school
  5. Get permission from your parent or guardian
  6. Submit the Request to Waive the Age Requirement form to:
    High School Equivalency Office
    21 South Fruit St., Suite 20
    Concord, NH 03301
    FAX (703) 271-4353
  7. You will be notified if your request is approved.
  8. Go back into the HiSET eRegistration system to pay and schedule your test
  9. Take the exam
  10. Once you pass, your NH High School Equivalency Certificate will be sent to you.
  11. Start your future
    Get a job
    Go to a training program
    Go to college
    Enter the military

Important HiSET-relevant links