Alternative Diploma Program Scholarships

Applying for a Keene Community Education Scholarship is easy!

Students entering “ADP” with a goal of earning a diploma through our program are eligible. We cannot extend this opportunity to students currently enrolled in a traditional high school program who are taking an evening class for “credit recovery,” or refresher students, those who have already earned their high school diploma but taking an academic class for review or enrichment.

What is the usual award? Generally we are able to offer fifty dollars off the cost of a diploma class (most classes are $150.00). If this award is not sufficient our Director will work with you so that cost is not a barrier to education.

How do I apply?

    1. The financially responsible party should be completing the form; if that person is someone other than the student, the student’s name should be noted on the form as well.
    2. The completed application form should then be mailed to Community Education, ALONG WITH AN ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT VERIFYING YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION. You are asked to write a brief narrative on the application form, briefly explaining your income and expenses. The additional document may be a copy of a pay stub, hefty bill, car payment, or other paperwork which verifies your situation. Auditors require this document before a scholarship can be awarded.
    3. Mail your application, verifying document, and registration form with desired classes to Keene Community Education, 227 Maple Ave., NH 03431. Our Director will then contact you in regard to your scholarship.